Natural lift Masque (Derma Lift Masque) 2oz / 60ml


The Natural Lift Masque is a botanical mixture that provides intense stimulation for facial muscles. Continual monthly treatments help improve the appearance of sagging skin problems and scarring associated with adolescent and/or adult blemishes. For use with Natural Lift Activator, a skin firming complex that acts as a catalyst to activate the masque.


All Skin Types - Loss of Elasticity, Muscle Tone


Cleanse skin well (enzyme or gommage may be done prior to mask). Prepare Natural Lift Masque – place 1 teaspoon of powder into beaker or mixing jar, add several drops of Natural Lift Activator and mix well with brush. Mixture will have a creamy consistency. Do not prepare ahead of time – masque needs to be applied to skin as soon as it is mixed. Paint evenly on face and neck with fan brush. 

Natural Lift Masque will remain on skin for 30 minutes and becomes extremely tight, some tingling and pulsating is very normal. To remove, soften masque with foamy cleanser and a warm cloth and then begin to wipe away. After removal, blot skin dry or remove in the shower. Do not get in eyes; discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Albumen, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Acacia, Beta Glucan, L-Ascorbic Aci

Natural lift Masque (Derma Lift Masque) 2oz / 60ml
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